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Gicanda Cooperative, Nyeri, Kenya

Gichatha-ini is one of the coffee processing facilities of the well renowned Gikanda Cooperative in Nyeri. Approximately 700 families bring their coffee cherries to this place, one of the most coveted regions for coffee in all of Kenya. The country has a pretty good system for rewarding the best quality coffee when these lots are offered at the state run auction in Nairobi: Yet we don’t think they are ‘expensive’, in fact we think they are priceless. That is why we work closely with our partners in Kenya to make sure we get hold of these gems when the harvest season is over.  First come, first served.

Region:  Nyeri 

Varietal:  SL28 / SL34

Processing:  Washed & sun dried

Tasting note: Juicy wild blueberry & black current, hint of orange blossom, with a finish of pineapple and oriental spices.

Whole bean / 12 ounce bag

Fresh coffee is roasted on weekend and shipped the following day. Please place your order by 8:00 PM Eastern Time the evening before the respective roast day to ensure that it is included.