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The Zelaya Family, Antigua, Guatemala

The Zelaya family is one of the staple producers of coffee in the Antigua Valley of Guatemala. The family members each have their own farms that they run meticulously. They also get coffee cherries from other farms in the area that they manage. By implementing good husbandry practices like planting shade trees and pruning, picking the harvest and processing the cherries just as if it was their own farm, they make the best out of it. Felicidad is a small farm with various varietals from which we have a blend of sweet Bourbon, Caturra and Villa Sarchi coffee. The coffee has been dried on the newly installed drying beds that the Zelda’s have built for processing their best lots. Landskap is hereby presenting you with one of the best coffees that the Antigua Valley has got to offer. 

Region:  Antigua

Varietal:  Bourbon, Caturra, and Villa Sarchi

Processing:  Wet Processed and Sun Dried on Raised Beds

Tasting notes:  Aromas of dark honey and chocolate, flavors of ripe plum, tart acidity and silky mouth feel, this coffee is quite memorable. 

Whole bean / 12 ounce bag
Fresh coffee is roasted on weekend and shipped the following day. Please place your order by 8:00 PM Eastern Time the evening before the respective roast day to ensure that it is included.