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Heleanna Georgalis, Ethiopia

Matahara is a special brand of single-origin coffee from the very highlands of Ethiopia. This coffee grows at altitudes up to 2300 meters above sea level and just like the people of the area, it demonstrates spiciness and oomph. It has a flavour profile that is spicy, very sweet, full body and has a medium pointed acidity. This washed coffee has been carefully selected and rigorously sorted and curated together with Heleanna Georgalis of Moplaco Trading Co. Heleanna and her team purchase coffees from the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange (ECX) and once the coffees arrive at their facility in Addis, they are meticulously sorted so that the full potential of each lot is clearly distinguishable. The current iteration of the ECX is structured in such a way that transparency is not available. Licensed exporters like Heleanna purchase coffees based on three criteria: broad geographic areas (e.g. Yirgacheffe, Sidamo), quality grade as determined by the ECX, and the lot’s date of submission to the auction. Bidders are not allowed to see or taste the coffee prior to bidding. These realities are why the work of Heleanna’s processing and export team is so fundamental to the quality of the coffee; it’s why we consider Moplaco to be a “producer”. 

Region:  Matahara 

Varietal:  Heirlooms

Processing:  Washed and sun dried

Tasting note: Sweet hazelnut and pecan notes are highlighted by muted raspberry and orange acidity.

Whole bean / 12 ounce bag

Fresh coffee is roasted on weekend and shipped the following day. Please place your order by 8:00 PM Eastern Time the evening before the respective roast day to ensure that it is included.