by New Ngariama Farmers Cooperative Society, Kirinyaga, Kenya

Kamwangi is the name of a coffee processing station near the southern hills of Mt. Kenya National park, where coffee is grown in rich red clay soil, up to 1,900 masl (6200ft) hand picked and delivered from approx. 2800 farming members. Water resources from the nearby Nyamindi river are abundant, yet the Kamwangi team is also making sure that the surrounding environment, and river, is not contaminated with waste water from its coffee washing process. Clean water is key when making high quality coffee of this kind, which transfers directly into the cup profile when done well. This rich and complex attributes are also due to the fact that it is an AA grade, meaning bigger and even bean size, making for higher consistency when roasting.

Region:  Kirinyaga

Varietal:  SL28 / SL34 

Processing:  Washed & sun dried

Tasting notes:  Satsuma orange acidity and stone fruit sweetness, clean finish. 


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by Gicanda Cooperative, Nyeri, Kenya

Gichatha-ini is one of the coffee processing facilities of the well renowned Gikanda Cooperative in Nyeri. Approximately 700 families bring their coffee cherries to this place, one of the most coveted regions for coffee in all of Kenya. The country has a pretty good system for rewarding the best quality coffee when these lots are offered at the state run auction in Nairobi: Yet we don’t think they are ‘expensive’, in fact we think they are priceless. That is why we work closely with our partners in Kenya to make sure we get hold of these gems when the harvest season is over. First come, first served.

Region:  Nyeri

Varietal:  SL28 / SL34 

Processing:  Washed & sun dried

Tasting notes: Juicy wild blueberry & black current, hint of orange blossom, with a finish of pineapple and oriental spices.


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by Adam Overton & Rachel Samuels, Gesha Forest, Ethiopia  

The history about this coffee is just as exciting and flavorful as the coffee itself.  A few years ago Adam and Rachel started a beautiful coffee farm in the midst of a forest on a high mountain plateau about as far West in Ethiopia as one can get.  Your might have heard of the famous Geisha coffees from Panama that receive the highest regards and fetches the highest coffee prices in the world? Well, this coffee is the African original: The Gesha Forest is where the seeds came from in the first place and has since travelled the world. Gesha Village’s ambition is to grow these native coffee trees, perfecting the husbandry, picking their cherries impeccably and processing with as much precision and care as the legacy of this coffee deserves. The result is in the cup!

Region:  Gesha, Kaffa 

Varietal:  Wild Gesha

Processing:  Washed and sun dried

Tasting notes:  Intensely sweet and jammy aromas. Sweet like apricot and dried figs. Balanced and integrated acidity. Well-rounded mouthfeel and juicy aftertaste.


by Gedeo, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia  

Washed Yirgacheffe Kochere is a coffee from Gedeo, but from a smaller geographical area, called Kochere. Kochere coffee is more acidic, with a bright acidity as the altitude is higher, and the most common variety there is Kurume, hence the coffee beans are smaller. Altitude is 1800-2100 metres as Kochere extends through a mountain. This coffee is exported a “Yirgacheffe” in accordance with the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange (ECX) classification system. Under this system, all the coffee produced within the large Yirgacheffe area is called “Yirgacheffe Coffee”. 

Region:  Gedeo

Varietal:  Yirgacheffe hairloom

Processing:  Washed and sun dried

Tasting note:  Sweet, rope cherry and green grape acidity backed by a light milk chocolate and almond body. 


by Heleanna Georgalis, Ethiopia

Matahara is a special brand of single-origin coffee from the very highlands of Ethiopia. This coffee grows at altitudes up to 2300 meters above sea level and just like the people of the area, it demonstrates spiciness and oomph. It has a flavour profile that is spicy, very sweet, full body and has a medium pointed acidity. This washed coffee has been carefully selected and rigorously sorted and curated together with Heleanna Georgalis of Moplaco Trading Co. Heleanna and her team purchase coffees from the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange (ECX) and once the coffees arrive at their facility in Addis, they are meticulously sorted so that the full potential of each lot is clearly distinguishable. The current iteration of the ECX is structured in such a way that transparency is not available. Licensed exporters like Heleanna purchase coffees based on three criteria: broad geographic areas (e.g. Yirgacheffe, Sidamo), quality grade as determined by the ECX, and the lot’s date of submission to the auction. Bidders are not allowed to see or taste the coffee prior to bidding. These realities are why the work of Heleanna’s processing and export team is so fundamental to the quality of the coffee; it’s why we consider Moplaco to be a “producer”. 

Region:  Matahara 

Varietal:  Heirlooms 

Processing:  Washed and sun dried

Tasting note:  Sweet hazelnut and pecan notes are highlighted by muted raspberry and orange acidity.