Coffee is a living thing; it evolves with time. We are constantly cupping and assessing our roast profiles to bring out the inherent best in each roast. We aim to preserve and highlight the unique attributes present in the raw coffee bean.

A Complicated Crop

Coffee is the seed of a cherry whose successful growth is dependent entirely on soil, climate, varietal, and careful processing. Roasting is an important step in the process from farm to cup, but our ability to produce excellent results depends on the inherent potential within the green coffee. Which is why we are committed to showcasing the craftsmanship that’s come before us.

Proximity to Source

The Collaborative Coffee Source is a green coffee buying company based in Oslo, Norway. We work closely with CCS as they create a more sustainable and equitable form of coffee trade by traveling directly to origin, and forming long term, close relationships with farmers. CCS implements transparent pricing structures, direct and efficient transport, and open communication amongst all partners. As a result, we have personal contact with our farmers, and direct access to the best green coffee in the world.